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Features of CarMinder


CarMinder gives you the power to take contol of your car's security


Carminder is the ultimate security system for your pride and joy as well as your drivers and loved ones. In an instant you can be informed via SMS with easy to read UBD street directory references exactly where your car and loved one is.

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Receive SMS and phone call notification direct to your mobile phone when your vehicle is:
  • tampered with or stolen
  • travelling over a pre-defined speed limit
  • is in an area that it should not be in
  • moving out of an area that it should be in
  • towed away
  • driver is in duress

You can also set your Carminder up to to notify you when:

  • your vehicles battery has been disconnected with out your consent or if the vehicles battery is running low.

At any time, for the cost of an SMS you can control from your mobile phone up to three behaiours of your vehicle. This includes:

  • locking and unlocking doors
  • disabling and enabling starter motor
  • sounding horn
  • and others - just limited by your imagination!















The best security available

Car alarms and immobilisers are great, but let's face it - a determined thief will always get around them. And once your car's gone - there's not much you can do about it except wait days or weeks for the police to call you and let you know that you can pick up whatever's left of your car.

And then there's the insurance to deal with. Anyone who's had their car stolen can tell you that "fair market value" will leave you with much less car than you started with.

With CarMinder, the thief will be arrested before he's had time to even think of trashing or stripping your car.

No on-going fees

CarMinder is one of the few products available that does not rely on an expensive monitoring service. Instead, you use your mobile phone to communicate directly with your car. If your car is stolen, you don't want to have to rely on someone else's communications infrastructure for your car's protection. With CarMinder, you take control - and no-one's going to be taking money from you every month.

Simple to use

CarMinder is simple to use - just call your CarMinder's phone number, and it replies to you within a few seconds with a text message displaying the location, direction and speed of your car. If your car is stolen, it sends you a text message automatically.