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Q.How does Carminder know what phone number to text messages (SMS) to?
A.When using the PIN command to register your phone, Carminder will note the phone number sent in the text message and store it as only authorized number.
You can also manually set the number from your registered mobile by using the PH1 & PH2 command. Note: phone number stored using the PH2 command cannot administer Carminder. Command PH2 is second contact for Alarm conditions only.
It is also possible if using Telstra services for Carminder to send text messages to a Telstra landline. Text messages from Carminder will then be replayed verbally over your home or office phone. For example if your home phone number is 07 1321 1233 then from your mobile registered with Carminder you send the following text message: PH2 +61713211233.

Q.How does the over-speed feature work?

A.To set and enable the over-speed send a SMS: SPEED 95. Once the vehicles speed has gone over the limit of 95 km/h phone numbers stored in PH1 and PH2 will be notified. Over-speed will then be disabled. To re-enabled send ‘SPEED 95’ command again. Over speed is useful for parents monitoring inexperienced drivers, drivers driving dangerously and to determine if a vehicle is being abused.

Q.How does the low voltage notification feature work?
A.To set and enable the low voltage notification send a SMS e.g. VOLTS 11.6. Once the battery voltage goes below the setting of 11.6 volts number stored in PH1 and PH2 will be notified. The low voltage notification will subsequently be disabled. To re-enable send VOLTS 11.6. low voltage warning is useful in monitoring the battery condition of your vehicle and if you have a small backup battery installed (recommended), then you will be notified if your vehicles battery is disconnected.

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